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Basil, Lime, Mint and Ginger Water

This recipe is a little slice of heaven on a 93° afternoon. It’s as cold as a popsicle, and tastes like pure freshness. And the best part is, that it’s simple – which makes it perfect when you can barely tear yourself away from the fan.

Feel free to doctor it with any herbs you have kicking around, along with citrus. Thyme and lemon? Oh, yeah. Rosemary and lemon? Yes, please.

For Jedd it’s doubly fun, because he gets to play with the herbs that he’s been growing this summer.

A huge pitcher of this would be great for a party. And – of course – you could be a little naughty and sneak some gin or vodka into it too.

Basil, Lime, Mint and Ginger Water

Makes 2 refreshing drinks.


4 thin slices fresh ginger root

4 thin lime slices

4-6 large mint leaves

6 large basil leaves

Lots of ice



Divide the ingredients between two glasses.

Muddle the ginger, limes, mint and basil in each glass.

Add ice, and water. Stir vigorously with a cocktail stirrer, until condensation forms on the side of the glass.


2 thoughts on “Basil, Lime, Mint and Ginger Water

  1. I have just made this wonderful refreshing basil, lime, mint and ginger water and I a delighted, in fact I could get hooked on it. Many thanks for publishing this super water recipe

    Millie Munro Clarke says:

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