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Tiliapia Piccata and Beet Greens PDF Print Write e-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Monday, 06 February 2012 17:09

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One of the things I asked for this year for Christmas was caper berries. Jedd hit every store in the area until he finally found a store 30 miles south that carried some. So far we've just been snacking on them, but when we found some tilapia on sale this week it dawned on me that this mild, flaky fish would be fantastic as the main protein for a piccata. And we had beet greens too. The combination of lovely, lemony tilapia and beet greens seemed to impossible to resist.


Still, I was nervous at first that the caper berries would overpower the gentle flavor of the fish. No need to worry. The tang and zip of the capers really rounded out the mild brightness and thin, crisp crust of our tilapia piccata. This classic combination of flavors translates perfectly into the realm of fish.

Cumin Coated Shrimp with a Parsley Lemon Sauce PDF Print Write e-mail
Written by Launie & Jedd Kettler   
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 16:18

cumin shrimp and lemon parsely sauce


Ah, January. When this time of the year hits, we get nostalgic for the rocky beaches off the coast of Maine. Not that we've ever lived on the coast (which is a dream of ours) but because we used to make a trip to Maine every winter to enjoy the empty beach during the day - and the bars at night. But over the last few years work, life, etc., have kept us away from the cold sea air.


So, when winter-without-a-vacation melancholy hit us the other day, Jedd made cumin-coated shrimp for dinner. To contribute to the dinner I made a parsley lemon sauce.


And for a few minutes, our cabin fever went away.

Scallops on a Sunday night
Written by Launie Kettler   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 17:24


The main constant in our apartment kitchen is protein - we pretty much live on chicken and pork. But, we saw a an episode of "Big Daddy's House" on Food Network that featured sauteed scallops. It looked great and I headed out to the grocery store to buy some. Pricey, pricey. But worth it.

Jedd took the lead on cooking and decided to use the recipe in spirit, not as literal guide. Instead of serving the scallops with mushrooms and peas he went with beet greens that we had received in our C.S.A.


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