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Our first CSA of the season! PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Monday, 20 June 2011 13:33


Remember when you were a child on Christmas Eve? It was the most exciting night of the year. What would Santa bring?

As an adult the closest thing to that feeling for me is CSA day. What's going to be in the basket?


For the love of a local egg: Frittata with roasted vegetables PDF E-mail
Written by Jedd Kettler   
Sunday, 19 June 2011 12:15

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The egg really is an amazing food; it's compact, versatile, takes on other flavors well, and is simple to cook in a pinch when you're hungry.


A fresh egg from a local farm is even better. Each shell has its own texture and color and each farm's eggs have their own distinct identity. Some have yolks with the deepest orange that scrambles to a rich pudding. These are my favorite. Here in northwestern Vermont, we're lucky to have easy access to eggs from a number of local farms. Rail City Market in St. Albans stocks eggs from many local farms. Packaged in reused cartons, they add a sticker with a number representing the farm of origin. I've developed a few favorite numbers, but I've never had a bad local egg.


Yes, I love eggs. And I love local eggs. While I normally lean on omelets and scrambled pretty heavily, Launie sometimes reminds me of the frittata, a simple breakfast fit for any day.



Cheddar beer scones PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Sunday, 19 June 2011 11:11



I have a huge fear of yeast, so Jedd tends to do 90% of the baking. But, when I saw a recipe for cheddar beer scones - delightful little yeast-less treats - I decided to add a new recipe to my admittedly small baking repertoire.


And they were the gift that kept on giving. The recipe made many more than we could eat before they would go stale, so I froze most of them. For weeks after - whenever I wanted bread with soup - I would just pull one out, stick it in a hot oven for 5 minutes and I had the chive, cheese, beer deliciousness all over again.


Curried leeks in phyllo cups PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Saturday, 18 June 2011 18:04




Sometimes a woman just wants appetizers for dinner.

I am a woman.

And I occasionally make appetizers for dinner.

There. I have admitted my shameful food secret.

But it's really not shameful when there are leeks and curry involved.


Chicken and olive salad with homemade marinated artichokes PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Monday, 13 June 2011 16:32



In the early to mid-1990s there was a restaurant in Burlington named Carbur's, and it was a place where people in the service industry hung out. Or at least where my co-workers and I would go after waiting on people all day – when we could afford to go there. If I was feeling somewhat solvent after the rent was paid, I would splurge on their chicken and artichoke salad.


Today, after the temperatures tip-toed into the upper 80's, I suddenly started craving that old favorite. But when I went to our corner store for marinated artichokes they were out of them. And the owner of the store very reasonably asked why didn't I just buy a jar of artichokes in water and then marinate them myself?


It was a delicious success and I'm not going to buy the overly-oiled artichokes in a jar again.


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