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Barbecued pork with dried apricot couscous PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Friday, 08 July 2011 17:48


Once I made Kelee's barbecue sauce, I was excited. I hadn't had that southern treat in 10 months. Why did it take me so long? It was delicious, spicy and savory with a hint of sweetness. The sweetness prompted me to look through our cupboard for something different to have as a side dish.


And I saw a package of dried apricots on the shelf below couscous. Then I remembered the baby green onions/scallions we had left from our CSA.


The side dish just created itself.


Making homemade ketchup to make Kelee's homemade barbecue sauce PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Friday, 08 July 2011 16:05


I started craving barbecue when Jedd's mother came to the apartment raving about some delicious chicken she had just had.


That made me remember the barbecued pork that our friends Ben and Kelee had made us last fall.


“Hmmm, I've never made Kelee's barbecue sauce recipe.” I checked the recipe ingredients and realized that it called for ketchup.


That posed a problem.


I've never purchased ketchup. Jedd's never bought ketchup either.


Red leaf lettuce with green olive tapenade PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Thursday, 07 July 2011 14:51


When Jedd brought home our Maplewood Organics CSA last week, one of the treats in the basket was a head of red leaf lettuce which is one of my favorite varieties. This particular head had leaves that were so pretty they inspired a dressing more colorful than a simple vinaigrette.


We had a full jar of green olives in the refrigerator for Bloody Mary's, but I decided to co-opt them to make a lemony, cheesy, salty tapenade.


Strawberry chutney PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Friday, 01 July 2011 18:06


There are some ingredients that I immediately have an idea for. Then there are some ingredients that I love, but have no idea what to do with. When we received strawberries this week in our CSA, I swooned, but drew a partial blank; I knew that we were going to use some of them in a tossed salad – but what to do with the rest of them? Jedd and I threw a couple of ideas around and then the idea hit us both at the same time.


Strawberry chutney with a ton of fresh ginger.


Second CSA haul of the season! PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Friday, 01 July 2011 16:57


Oh, happy day! We received our second CSA shipment last night – and it was loaded with things I love: dill, parsley, green onions, beautiful salad greens and strawberries. It also had garlic scapes which Jedd loves and I can only admire, because garlic is sadly like eggs to me – something that I want to like but just can't get my taste buds to agree to.


With all of the new vegetables, fruit and herbs, our little kitchen will be buzzing over the holiday weekend.


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