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Fried Pickles with Horseradish Habanero Dipping Sauce PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Sunday, 16 March 2014 20:22


A few years ago a group of us had a “fried dinner” party at a friend's house. Fried chicken, fried okra and fried pickles were served, along with copious amounts of beer and wine. Our friends are southern, and they know how to fry. And we all know how to drink beer. It was a most excellent dinner party.


As delicious as everything was, the fried pickles were a revelation. I'd never even heard of them, let alone tasted the wonder that is deep fried dills. I wanted to eat the whole batch myself.


I'm not a huge fryer myself. It's too much of a mess. But, every once in awhile – Lordy, Lordy – this woman craves a good fried pickle. And the joy of this recipe is that it gives you big taste, without a big mess. You don't need a gazillion tons of oil, like with fried chicken or even oven rings, so the house doesn't smell like a fryer for days.


Also, you can cater the spices in the batter to your taste. I like using a Cajun seasoning and seasoned salt. However, you could just use black pepper and Frank's hot sauce or whatever else you have kicking around in the spice drawer.


This is the kind of appetizer that can make a boring or bad day a little brighter. Because fried pickles are happy food.


Wine Braised Fennel PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Saturday, 15 March 2014 16:58


What's your current food obsession? Baking? Frying? Grilling? For me it's braising vegetables. But don't the word“vegetables” lead you to think this is a healthy dish, because it's not. It's filled with butter, wine and salty chicken broth.


In other words, it's decadent perfection.


This recipe works for leeks, parsnips, broccoli or celery – and those are just the vegetables that I've used over the last two weeks. I can't get enough of this dish. In theory, it's a side. But it's so simple to make, that on more than a few nights it's been my dinner with a big salad on the side.


Cabin Fever Flautas and Homemade Toothpicks PDF E-mail
Written by Launie & Jedd Kettler   
Thursday, 13 March 2014 17:45


Hoo boy. As much as I hate super hot weather in summer (a lot) and can generally tolerate cold weather, this winter is getting a little ridiculous. Seriously ridiculous. From ice storms to a blizzard, we're ready for weather that doesn't involve long underwear.




(Note, it's March 13 and there have only been a couple of days above freezing this month – if that.)


And I think it's safe to assume that cabin fever has kicked in around our little kitchen. But yesterday, hubris did too – and it ended hilariously.


Because it was so cold and blustery and blizzard-ey yesterday, I was craving Mexican food – flautas in particular. I hadn't counted on that craving during the pre-bad-weather run to the grocery store, but I was feeling a little smug because I could make everything from scratch without needing to leave the apartment.


No cilantro or tomatoes for homemade salsa? Well that was just fine. I had one remaining bag of frozen cherry tomatoes in the freezer that I'd put up during the summer, and I had parsley in the fridge along with dried chilies in the cabinet. Boom. Problem solved.


No tortillas? Ha! That's not an issue for someone as super duper clever as this woman! I had flour and baking powder to make my own. Boom. Problem solved.


And then I remembered something horrible. Silly and small, but huge at the same time.


We were out of toothpicks to hold the flautas together while frying.


Nooooo! My dinner plans were ruined!


Then I started giggling. Giggles turned into guffaws. The whole thing just seemed so silly. Still laughing, I called Jedd and told him about my inflated sense of competence during a blizzard – and my undoing.


He didn't laugh at all. Sounding a little perplexed he said that was no problem – he'd just whittle me some toothpicks when he got home.


He'd. Just. Whittle. Me. Some. Toothpicks. When. He. Got. Home.


Needless to say that undid me. I was crying with laughter.


But sure enough. Jedd whittled me some toothpicks - see his "recipe" below - and we had flautas for dinner.



I'm still not sure if the whole situation was as hilarious as it seemed at the time, or if I just REALLY needed to laugh. But after Jedd finished his small woodworking project, he got the giggles too.


Cabin fever is real, ya'll.

3 A.M. Pasta PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Sunday, 09 February 2014 17:06


We have a nine-year old, eighteen-pound cat who loves me to the point of embarrassment. Where I am, is where Max wants to be. On the couch, in bed, in the kitchen - he loves to be near me. Max also has the dulcet purr of a Sherman Tank.



And sometimes that means when he snuggles up next to me when I'm asleep,  I wake up.


That happened at about 3 a.m. the other morning. Snuggle, snuggle, PURR, PURR, TRILL, TRILL. I scratched him under the chin until he was content, and I rolled back over but I couldn't fall back asleep. Then my stomach started rumbling, so I slowly eased out of bed.


And Max scrambled after me, by using Jedd's head as a springboard for the floor.


So now everyone was awake. Our other cat, Coop, made a beeline for the food bowl anxiously awaiting some kibble.


It was time for a very early meal.


I asked Jedd if he wanted some pasta.


“I could eat,” he said.


When it's that late at night (or that early in the morning depending on where you fall on the agrarian time schedule) commonsense goes out the window. Instead of olive oil, the butter came out. Instead of water, chicken broth made an appearance.


Needless to say, as unhealthy as the pasta was – it was most excellent.


Spicy Swiss Cheese and Green Olive Crackers PDF E-mail
Written by Launie Kettler   
Sunday, 02 February 2014 17:45


Hello, Superbowl Sunday! Although the closest I get to following a team is re-watching Friday Night Lights, the day does lend itself to festive party food – if only because it's still dark as pitch outside.


Bring on the snack food!


And these crackers are delicious, simple to make and the ingredients are probably things that you have in your house right now. Seriously. So if you have a crowd coming over to watch the game, and are nervous you're a little light on finger food, whip these together. No fuss, no muss.


Also, this recipe can be used as a blue print. If you'd rather make blue cheese and almond crackers, then swap out the olives and Swiss, and substitute in the blue cheese and almonds. Do it. You'll like it. I consider these “pantry and refrigerator” crackers because I make them all the time with what I have on hand. Parsley, dill, oregano and parmesan? Sure! Pickled jalapenos, cheddar and cilantro? Sure!


The only drawback to these crackers, is that they are so simple to make that it's easy to whip up a batch as a post-dinner snack before bed.


Bad crackers, bad!

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