In a small, Northern Vermont Kitchen, we sate our appetites with homemade meals and a love of local ingredients.

Stuffed Delicata Squash with Ginger Lemon Tea Couscous

In our last CSA basket for the season (sad sniffle) we had some beautiful delicata squash. And I wanted to celebrate them with a hearty stuffing that was as pretty as they were. I decided that couscous would be a natural with the squash, but instead of cooking it in…

Spicy Grilled Mini Pizzas with a Parsley, Tomato Gremolata

Spicy Grilled Mini Pizzas with a Parsley, Tomato Gremolata

I really believe that parsley is an under-utilized ingredient. I love the stuff. One of my odd little dating/dining embarrassments would be the fact that I wouldn’t eat the parsley on my plate when I was out with a guy. I was concerned that my parsley love might be considered…

Local Farm Profile: An August evening at Duffy Hill Farm

Halfway up one of the many green hills rolling gently a mile outside the small village of Enosburg Falls, Vermont, sits a small house built in 1870, a unique two-cupola barn and two acres of hard work done by five college friends. This is the home of Duffy Hill Farm…

Bloody Marys are good for you

Have You Ever Thought About How Good Bloody Marys Are For You?

They’re a staple at brunch and perfect on a lazy Sunday afternoon while watching movies. There is much more to the humble Bloody Mary, though. Even though they contain vodka – have you ever thought about how amazingly nutritious Bloody Marys are? The main ingredients: tomatoes, Tabasco hot sauce, celery…

Make your own seasoned salt

Making Homemade Seasoned Salt in a Pinch

I racked my brain and thought of what was in seasoned salt, and I realized we had everything in the kitchen to make my own.