In a small, Northern Vermont Kitchen, we sate our appetites with homemade meals and a love of local ingredients.

Spicy Thai Noodle and Egg Stir Fry

What can you do with a bulb of kohlrabi, a few eggs, a dozen strands of chives and a handful of peanuts? No, this isn’t the season finale of Chopped. This was what I saw this morning – hungry, in need of coffee, and with my lower back still throbbing…

Apple Pie with Cheddar and a Touch of Cayenne

Do you love apples? Do you love sharp cheddar cheese? Do you love a hint of spice? Then you’re going to love this apple pie! It’s savory, it’s slightly sweet, and it’s completely addictive. It’s a Vermont tradition to eat apple pie with cheddar. Actually, it’s even more than that….

Apple Popovers with Cinnamon Butter

Last weekend when it was really – actually – hot in Vermont in late October, Jedd and I went apple picking in the islands of Lake Champlain. And we over indulged. We came home with a lot of apples. Many, many, apples. So, this recipe although incredibly delicious didn’t do…

Green Tomato and Cheddar Galette

This recipe couldn’t be simpler or more flavorful. I was literally sniffing the air while photographing it. Jedd said he drooled a bit when he walked in on me cutting it. He’s decanting wine while I’m writing this, and then we’re going to split the remaining two pieces of this…

Tatsoi and Basil Scrambled Eggs

This is one of those recipes we can only make when the farmers market is in season. There’s a couple who grows tatsoi, and it’s one of the booths we hit first. Also, Jedd’s dad had a banner crop of basil – so we can use it with abandon. Actual….