In a small, Northern Vermont Kitchen, we sate our appetites with homemade meals and a love of local ingredients.
Cheddar Cheese Ball

A Cheddar Cheese Ball That’s Almost a Gift Itseslf

The secret arrow in my holiday quiver is this cheddar cheese ball. It’s simple to make, is incredibly addictive and can even make uneven gift giving seem on par. It’s kind of magical that way. For instance, my cousin gave us a DVD player (with Wi-Fi!) as an early Christmas…

Light and Cheese Crackers with Scallions, Jalapenos and Olives

An Early Birthday Present: Light and Cheese Crackers with Scallions, Jalapenos and Olives

I’m going to divulge a deep and dirty secret about being a food blogger. We live and die by daylight. Artificial overhead light ruins the look of food and the right light is tricky. So, when the fall/winter light disappears by 3 p.m. in our north-facing apartment, it’s difficult to…

Green Chicken Chili

Green Chicken Chili

We are flush with vegetables and gourds from our winter CSA. And one of my favorite things in the world was prevalent this week – tomatillos. So, I whipped us up a batch of tomatillo salsa, and that was dinner one night with nachos. Then when the winter turned colder…