In a small, Northern Vermont Kitchen, we sate our appetites with homemade meals and a love of local ingredients.
Ancho and Chipotle Lime Chicken with a Kiwi Salsa

Ancho and Chipotle Lime Chicken with a Kiwi Salsa

Grilled chicken in a chipotle and ancho chili marinade only takes about 3 minutes of hands-on time. Then it’s off to the fridge for a half an hour. And then it just takes a few minutes on the grill for the chili marinade to caramelize the chicken.

Green Chicken Chili

Green Chicken Chili

We are flush with vegetables and gourds from our winter CSA. And one of my favorite things in the world was prevalent this week – tomatillos. So, I whipped us up a batch of tomatillo salsa, and that was dinner one night with nachos. Then when the winter turned colder…

Recipe for Master Chicken

Meeting Lynne Rossetto Kasper from The Splendid Table and a Recipe for Master Chicken

(Nobody was sitting, everyone wanted to stand in line for an autograph!) There are a lot of food “personalities” that we love, but only one has ever gotten us out of the apartment (and kitchen) to drive the length of the state on a rainy day. And that’s Lynne Rossetto…

Chicken Curry, Easier with Homemade Curry Paste

Hello, January! Now that our December heatwave has broken – it’s time for curry. And this is a super fun recipe, both for the curry and for the homemade curry paste.

A Cajun “Chrimbo”

Some friends of ours are Mississippi expats living in Vermont, and we love doing holidays together (though not always in a timely fashion). This year, our very late Christmas “Chrimbo” celebration – teetering into Mardi Gras territory – was in their apartment, and the food was pure Cajun. So, while…