In a small, Northern Vermont Kitchen, we sate our appetites with homemade meals and a love of local ingredients.

Sichuan Peppercorn Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Cardamom Applesauce

Do you like to have your tongue tingle? If so, you’re going to really, really, love this recipe. Sichuan peppercorns literally make your tongue dance, and when that’s combined with sweet and savory applesauce – you’re in for a treat. This is something that would be perfect for a fall…

Spicy Sesame Asian Cabbage Noodle Salad

Holy, macaroni. It’s been hot in Vermont for the last few days. The cats won’t get off the floor, and just looking at the stove makes me wince. This is not the week juicy roast chicken, or au gratin potatoes. It is however, the week for cool and hearty salads…

Sesame Gochujang Salad

This salad has heat. And by heat, I mean some lovely, lingering spice. Which means it would be perfect to bring to a picnic, or even to the batting cages on a super hot afternoon. “But, if the salad is spicy, why would you want to eat it when it’s…

Turkey, Kale and Lemongrass Fried Dumplings

This is an inadvertently healthy (adjacent) dish. Sure it’s fried, but it’s shallow fried for about a minute. And it has as many vegetables as it does meat.

5-Spice Pork with Wasabi Barbecue Sauce

There are some condiments that I always need to have on hand. One of them is sesame oil. Do you have some leftover chicken you want to liven up? Boom! Sesame oil. Do you want a fun vinaigrette? Boom! Sesame oil.