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Welcome to Teeny Tiny Kitchen

(Photo credit: Amy Begun Saab)

Teeny Tiny Kitchen“Teeny” (as we affectionately call it) is our blog about cooking in a small kitchen in our northern Vermont apartment. When we first moved into the space we fell in love with the kitchen. It was very small, but – out of necessity – really well organized. In our 6 x 11 ½ foot kitchen (69 square feet), 46 square feet was taken up by the sink, the fridge and pantry shelves, it was as trim as a ship’s galley with a healthy amount of storage. But, we only had a combined prep area/flat space of 1 ½ x 3 ½ feet. And for the first couple of years we lived here, when we would invite friends or family over for dinner, the resounding refrain was, “You made (insert meal) in that small kitchen?”

It became a reoccurring joke. Paninis made on our small Foreman grill one New Year’s Eve were instantly christened by our group of friends as “Teeny Tiny Paninis.” The nickname stuck and we decided to use it to name our blog – but we dropped the “Paninis” and replaced it with “Kitchen.”

Now, after eight years cooking in that space, we’ve moved. However, the spirit of cooking in a very small space remains, because – although we’ve gained a dining area (no more eating on the coffee table in the living room) – we’re still forced to stack dishes perpendicularly. And all of the lessons we learned in that tiny kitchen have moved with us.

counter for Teeny                                                                                 (New Teeny.)

The big difference? Now we have windows and much more light, and are growing a bunch of microgreens. And herbs.

Our little kitchen’s horizon has grown exponentially. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Why Start a Blog?

At this point there are literally thousands of food blogs, but we enjoy chronicling cooking in a very limited space. We also don’t cook with any processed food. There are no cans of Campbell’s soup on our shelves and no packages of Lipton’s onion soup either.

But we’re not particularly virtuous. We like wine and cheese and heavy cream. We don’t define “healthy” by number of calories, and we don’t prescribe any particular diet. We just believe cooking your own food from scratch is not only the most important health choice you can make, it’s also fun. The pleasures of delicious homemade food aren’t just on your plate and in your body, they’re also in your kitchen – whatever size it is.

And that’s why we started Teeny, to show that size doesn’t have to matter when it comes to good food.

Recipes and photos

Max and a Sunflower

We believe in etiquette. If we borrow a recipe from someone or are inspired by someone else, we put a link to their post in ours. If we use something from a book, we link to where you can buy the book. If you want to use one of our recipes on your own site please feel free to do so, but we appreciate the same courtesy that we extend to others – just make sure that you provide attribution and a link to Teeny Tiny Kitchen.

We take all of the photos you see on this site. If you’d like to use one, please email us and ask permission first.

Launie’s food writing has also been featured  in Hannaford’s Fresh MagazineFood Revolution Day, Salon, Let My People Grow, Crasstalk, and BlogHer – which we think is pretty neat. She also had an article she wrote for Crasstalk linked by CNN, and the L.A. Times and Culture Cheese Magazine both really liked her recipe for Homemade Tater Tots with Cheddar Habanero Sauce. And we were thrilled to be chosen as one of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’s Blogs of the Month.

Oh, and here’s some exciting news! Launie and her friend Brooke wrote a book in the “Everything” series.  The Everything Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook . If you’re a cookbook fan, you might want to check that out.

To sum up: Teeny is our written and visual documentation of our culinary adventures. And misadventures. We’re not shy about talking about recipes that fail, or recipes that challenge our kitchen to the point of insanity. Making bagels in 2 feet of space? No problem, if you employ patience and planning. But making pierogi? Hoo boy.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy reading about 2 cooks, 2 cats and one Teeny Tiny Kitchen.


Launie and Jedd

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