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Cherry Salad with Savory Coconut Granola Croutons and Pickled Rhubarb

Cherry Salad with Savory Coconut Granola Croutons and Pickled Rhubarb

Oh, hello, summer! It’s nice to see you! With your warmth you also bring me cherries, and beautiful greens. And when they’re tossed with a savory coconut granola croutons and quick pickled rhubarb and onion? Well, let’s just say you have the perfect salad for a party.

Savory Coconut “Croutons”

Savory Granola Croutons

Makes approximately 2 ½ cups


1 cup old-fashioned oats

1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

1 egg white

½ cup pepitas

¼ cup olive oil

1 tablespoon honey

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon flaky sea salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Fit a large, rimmed sheet with parchment.

Toss all of the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

Spread out in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet, and bake for 10 minutes.

Stir for an additional 5-10 minutes, or until fragrant and golden brown.

Store in a glass container at room temperature for up to 1 week.

Quick Pickled Onions and Rhubarb

Spicy Pickled Rhubarb

Yield ½ pint


½ cup apple cider vinegar

½ cup water

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

3 bay leaves

2 teaspoons whole black peppercorns

1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes

½ small white onion, thinly sliced

1 large rhubarb stalk, cut lengthwise into 1-inch pieces


Bring the vinegar, water, granulated sugar, bay leaves, peppercorns, and red pepper flakes to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, and let cook for 5 minutes. Turn off heat, and reserve.

Place the onion and rhubarb into a ½ pint wide mouth jar.

Pour the brine over the vegetables. Let come to room temperature and store in the refrigerator for up to one month.

Spinach and Cherry Salad

Cherry Salad with Savory Granola Croutons and Spicy Pickled Rhubarb

Serves 4.


5 cups baby spinach

1 ½ cups fresh cherries, pitted and roughly chopped

¼ cup roughly chopped almonds

¼ cup pickled onions and rhubarb

2 tablespoons thinly sliced white onion

2 tablespoons cotija or feta


Place all of the ingredients in a large serving bowl.

Lemon Vinaigrette Ingredients:

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 ½ teaspoons dried dill

½ teaspoon kosher salt

½ teaspoon lemon pepper


Whisk all of the ingredients well, and drizzle over salad tossing to coat.

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