In a small, Northern Vermont Kitchen, we sate our appetites with homemade meals and a love of local ingredients.

Local Food

Playing with our local fruits and vegetables. Seasonal recipes inspired by our CSA and local farmers markets.

From Scratch

Everything is from scratch, even the ketchup, tahini and - yep - the microgreens...

Nothing is Impossible

Well, almost nothing. You can't make your own homemade MSG.

Lime and New Mexican Chile Powder Crisped Chickpeas

This fall Jedd and I were watching a cooking show and they used “New Mexican Chile Powder.” I’d never heard of it. Jedd had never heard of it. And I made a note to self to check it out. Then low and behold on my birthday two of my presents…

Blackened Maple Whiskey Pork Tenderloin with Cherries

My mother and I were on the phone the other night talking about food. We’re both avid cooks or “kooks,” as my adorably heavily accented Canadian Great-Grandfather pronounced it. And somehow the subject of whiskey came up. More to the point, a bottle of maple syrup whiskey that I received…

Instant Pot Chicken Mole

I’m not a “gadget person.” Sure, I have the necessities – a blender that can be stored on a shelf, a full-size food processor, and a mini-food processor that can be tucked away – but an instant pot just seemed silly to me. And then Jedd bought me one. Oh….

Sichuan Peppercorn and Star Anise Braised Shingo Pears

Are you looking for an insanely delicious treat? These pears fit the bill. They’re full of ginger and anise, with a titch of extra savory goodness from Sichuan peppercorns. Jedd’s mother’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I thought that braised pears would make a nice co-dessert with…

Preserved Lemon and Pomegranate Chicken with Blood Orange Salsa

We’re all brave, and we’re all fearful. I can be pretty fearless in the kitchen. I throw flavors together like a drunk college student, and they generally work out pretty well. But for no apparent reason, I’m terrified of any sort of preserving. Sure, I can quickle with the best…