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Sunday Afternoon Bloody Mary

Now that the hot weather is over, I can have a Bloody Mary again. Jedd is hard core, and will drink them even if it’s a 100-degrees in the apartment.

But to me a Bloody Mary is definitely one of the many benefits of fall and winter.

Here’s Jedd’s recipe. It’s been honed, and refined, and adored.

It’s pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, good.

First he starts with pepper, “18-20-grinds.”

Then he adds celery salt, about a ¼ teaspoon.

Then hot sauce, he’s been using Goya hot Picante sauce and Tabasco, “3-5 drops of each.”

Then he uses about a tablespoon of horseradish.

Then the Worcestershire, about  teaspoon.

This is a chunky drink.

Then he adds the vodka until the drink looks like an Umami-fied brown sludge.

For the final step he adds the Spicy V-8 and 3 olives. That’s why I can’t drink these in the summer? It’s like a turkey dinner in a glass.

But to him, it’s pure refreshment. And now that it’s colder I can join in.


Is that the face of a happy man or what?



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